Sometimes Always

  • Date: 2012 - March
  • Client: Self-initiative
  • Field: Art Direction
  • Media: Multimedia

Multidisciplinary and independent project, Sometimes Always consists in a website, self productions, and a quarterly magazine yet to be published. It’s a partial report of a generation made from the perspective of individuals who somehow belong to it and share the same doubts and anxieties. The featured works are divided into different categories (architecture, art, design, style and music), but are similar in ideology and perceptions. The idea is to play horizontally with these issues, so that a particular subject is not interesting only for those who are experts at it.


This zine was the invitation for the launch event, back in March 2012. It was mailed to friends and enthusiasts based in Sao Paulo and it basically explained the project's values and mission.


32 pages | Edition of 150 | 148x210mm (A5) | B&W digital print and Handmade Watermarker Interventions