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38 Northiam St, London
United Kingdom
E9 7HQ

Rua Paulistânia, 488 apto 1101
Sumarezinho, São Paulo - SP Brasil

  • T + 55 11 99660 4977

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Parallel to my fixed positions as art director at FFWMAG and designer at Thames and Hudson, I am always open to new projects, collaborations and self-initiatives.

It doesn't matter if it is publishing, branding, design or something that we don't even know how to call; if you think we can put together cool ideas and projects, please, do get in touch!

Also, I am constantly researching spaces in general both physical and virtual ones, focusing on the human perceptions of these conditions (appropriating environments, riding statutes, cataloguing demolished buildings, etc). That is pretty much my last contact to architecture and urbanism and to theoretical studies. So, if you think you have something to add to that, please, give me a shout as well.